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I live in Eynesbury with my children, Olly & Ella and four dogs, Scout, Busby, Rosie & Jasper.  I have lived in St Neots since 1995.  When I'm not busy doing the admin, I am very much involved in dog walking and pet visits



Holly lives on Loves Farm with her husband and three children, Lily, Harrison & Evelyn.  Holly does a lot of the one-on-one walks and pop in visits in St Neots.



Chris lives on Loves Farm with his wife, three children Katie, Izzy & Jacob and their dog Benji.  Chris also works full time for Days and has a lot of experience.  He does the majority of the pack walks around St Neots.



A new walker may be joining our team soon....


Kerry is our newest recruit and lives in St Neots with her partner and their dog, Lucy. Kerry has gradually increased her walks and does a lot of our one-on-one walks and visits, as well as some pack walks in St Neots and Graveley.



Haani lives with his partner, dog, Cookie, two cats, a ferret and numerous fish in Eynesbury.  He holds a qualification for Veterinary Support Assistant and.  He is very excited to have joined our team full time and is enjoying helping us walk more dogs and care for more pets in and around St Neots



Lee lives on Loves Farm with her partner Jon, daughter Aisling and her dog Chilli. Lee walks most days, she does a combination of one on one walks and group walks and Chilli goes along with her most of the time.  Susie and Lee share the admin between them.