Our Walks

Here at Days Dog Walking we like to ensure that our dogs are given plenty of variety and stimulation on their walks to ensure they wear themselves out and more importantly enjoy themselves!

We are very lucky in the area we live that there are so many great spots to take our dogs and, while we always try and keep our owners updated on where your dogs have been through our social media pages and text messages, we thought it would be good to highlight a few of our favourite walkies.

dogs in the park.jpg


Anyone who has a dog in St. Neots will no doubt be familiar with Priory Park. It’s an ideal place to take our dogs as, not only will they be able to play with the other dogs on our pack walk, there are always plenty of new dogs to meet and sniff.

The huge park is perfect for playing with balls and as soon as you venture from the car park you are far enough away from the road to let the dogs run free and burn off all their energy.

Sticks are everywhere to be thrown and chased and there is even a pond hidden in the trees for those that love the water!

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Being based on Loves Farm is perfect for us with lovely paths criss crossing and surrounding the estate making it very easy to walk our local dogs.

We will normally head further afield though and the area surrounding Loves Farm has several great options for this. Head East along the farm track at the back of the estate and you can walk for miles passing through fields without seeing another soul. Brodie’s favourite walk with all sorts different things to explore along the way!

Also at the back of the estate is a lovely meadow that sits next to the railway line. This huge area is perfect for letting dogs run loose and letting them explore the area with no danger of them ever being out of your site



Being so close to Eynesbury, the area alongside the River Great Ouse really is perfect for a lovely stroll. The water lovers amongst our pack are well catered for with miles of riverbank allowing them to hop in and out when they want.

The large marsh area always seems to intrigue the noses of our dogs as they run around sniffing in the long grass in the hope of finding something that they shouldn’t!

Following the river past the Campsite we can also get to Riverside Park which is again, a lovely park for our dogs to meet some new friends!



On special occasions we will venture over to Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. One of the nicest walking areas in our region we can choose to follow the Heron trail or the Meadow Trail. Both routes offer chances to have a dip in either the river or the now flooded Pits. There are areas of woodland and large fields along the trails as well as some interesting cattle that also seem to intrigue the dogs.

This can be a muddy route if it has been raining which will often please the dogs more than us and the owners as they seem intent on seeing how dirty they can get, it’s all part of the fun though and as long as they are happy so are we.

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